Molecular Biology
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Molecular Biology


BIOSOLUTIONS is the only company in Greece and Cyprus that provides integrated solutions with high-end technology systems - platforms, always accompanied by an excellent variety of Reagents & Consumables.

  • Molecular Medicine
  • Pre-clinical & clinical trials
  • Diagnosis (cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, hearing loss etc.) & patient profiles
  • H1N1 Diagnosis - quick detection of all the subtypes of the virus with high precision
  • ILA-genotyping
  • Treatment records


  • Criminology & Forencics
  • Criminological Research
  • Missing persons recognition
  • Paternity Tests


  • Agriculture & Livestock
  • Biodiversity & studies in plants
  • Genotyping & animal paternity tests


  • Food & Envirnment
  • Detection of pathogenic microorganisms in food
  • Detection of drug residues in food
  • Identification of new strains of microorganisms in water
  • Quality Control in Industrial Production
Dear Customers
The inauguration of our lab
BIOSOLUTIONS has launched a new laboratory for research and development in Greece...